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Cowichan Counselling – Welcome

Why counselling?

Stephen B. Chadwick, BA, MA Counselling Psych.

Stress & Anxiety

Do you have chronic worries or find yourself always fretting? Are they just irritating or do you lose sleep over them? Are they so stressful that it's hard for you to function?

Grief & Loss

Have you recently lost a friend or loved one? Do you feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you? Have you just gone through a break-up?


Have you been feeling the blues or feeling down? Hard to stay up-beat ... or do you drag yourself through the day? Does life seem "grey" and joyless to you?

Relationship Issues

Having difficulties with friends, family, loved ones or even co-workers? Do you find it impossible to speak to certain people? Trouble connecting with others?

More areas of treatment