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The cost of fees for counselling is likely the first concern for most people when they go in to see a (psycho)therapist. “How much is this going to cost me?” — is the thought that springs to mind. And “How many sessions will I need?” These thoughts are particularly pressing, if the client is already facing financial challenges or is and on a fixed income. Clearly, if the client is too concerned/worried about the cost of therapy/counselling because they are on a tight  budget, it will seriously impede and interfere with doing therapy and may even add to the client’s stress level.

A client will hardly be able to think about grief and loss or past trauma or anxiety if he or she is too concerned about how much money has to be spent on the therapy itself ! This is clearly countertherapeutic!

Yes, doing a course or run of therapy is indeed “investing in yourself” as the saying goes, by helping you to become a happier, emotionally healthier, better functioning person, but it should not be at the expense of putting you in the poorhouse!

Our standard rate is $150 per hour for individual therapy sessions and $165 for couples.

If finances are a concern for you, contact us and ask about options, such as sliding scale for lower income individuals. Speak to the therapist and see what you and he can come up with.

Call to set up a 1 hour consultation – $75.00!