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About Stephen

Stephen B. Chadwick, BA, MA Counselling Psych.

Originally from Vancouver, Stephen relocated to the Vancouver Island area a few years ago. Stephen or “Steve” as he prefers to be called – “It’s shorter and easier to remember”, has over ten years of experience dealing with the mature adult, seniors and their caregivers and families. Moreover, some of Steve’s experience and training crosses over into other areas, for example, crisis intervention, substance abuse counselling and training and education.

In the past, Steve has worked counselling clients in extreme crisis, and has taught and participated in educational seminars. In addition he has also run groups for group therapy and counselled clients one-on-one.  For Steve, his greatest joy is watching the evolution of the client in therapy, watching them become happier, more effective, more confident and better able to cope with or overcome their hardships and live a full life by addressing past issues.  There is nothing more rewarding.