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Don’t just survive when you can thrive!

We all know the stereotypes about aging: twilight years, the rocking chair, loneliness and feeling like a burden. While these might be clichés, most people do experience some losses in their later years, through bereavement, loss of health or physical function, perhaps the loss of a dream or an inability to meet your life’s goals, or a feeling of a loss of identity upon retirement. Older adults can also experience stress as they take on a caregiver role for their aging partner or face the challenges of living on a fixed income. Retirement or “empty nester” plans can suddenly change when adult children move back home or grandchildren need your care.

Sometimes these changes can feel overwhelming and the future can indeed look bleak. Sometimes it takes the guidance of another person to help see the way through life’s problems and perhaps craft a new dream that works with  life’s challenges.

You only have one life! It might not be what you expected, but you can, with the help of a specially trained listener, get the best out of the rest of your life, contribute to your family and community, be at peace, and leave a legacy. If you’re not used to the idea of seeing a counsellor, or have questions or concerns, please see our video FAQ’S (frequently asked questions) page.